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Symptom Areas


Updated Aug 2, 2019

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Recovery of Symptoms After Concussion

A few key points to remember from the Concussion Recovery Basics section:

  1. Not everyone will experience every symptom.
  2. Symptoms fluctuations, or “good days” and “bad days”, are common and expected.
  3. The best evidence suggests we should treat certain symptoms first: mood (depression, anxiety, irritability), headaches, and sleep issues.
  4. Many common symptoms after concussion are not specific to concussion.
  5. Good self-management strategies, like pacing and stress management can help with many types of symptoms all at once.
  6. Consult your family doctor if you are concerned about symptoms that are not improving or if new symptoms arise.

Symptoms Are Not Specific to Concussion

Many concussion symptoms overlap with symptoms from other conditions. For example, fatigue can be a common symptom of concussion and of depression. Treatment approaches for these overlapping symptoms are often similar. Your family doctor can help determine which common symptoms should be prioritized and assess for other contributing factors to be addressed. As outlined in the Concussion Recovery Basics section, everything is connected!

Everything is connected

Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Symptoms

Good self-management strategies like pacing and stress management can help with many symptoms all at once. Consider the key recommendations we have covered so far:

  1. Managing stress
  2. Avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs
  3. Gradually returning to activities as tolerated
  4. Looking after your general wellness

In this section we will go into more detail about managing specific symptom areas.

More Information

If you have not created a customized My Guide: Concussion, consider reviewing the self-management strategies outlined in Becoming a Self-Manager.

Please also consider making Action Plans in the symptom areas that are most relevant and important to you. After a few weeks of working on your Action Plans you may want to add these self management strategies to your Wellness Checklist. Please review the articles What is an Action Plan? and What is a Wellness Checklist? for details on these tools.

You may also wish to check out our Everything is Connected article at the link below.

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