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Becoming a Self-Manager

Reducing Risk of Re-Injury

Updated Jul 31, 2019

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Not Again

Prior concussion increases the risk for future concussions. However, your risk of concussion is still low unless you perform a lot of high-risk activities (e.g. contact sports).

Many people enjoy activities that carry some risk. Having a concussion doesn’t mean you can never do such activities. There are things you can do to reduce your risk of another concussion.

Reducing risk of reinjury seatbelt

Managing Risk in Sports

  • Wear a well-fitting helmet on skis, snowboards, horses, bicycles, motorcycles, and during high-speed sports. Helmets don’t prevent concussions, but they reduce the risk of skull fractures. Use the right helmet for the activity.
  • Consider a low- or no-contact sport league.
  • Play within your skill & fitness level.
  • Use proper equipment
  • Don’t play tired or intoxicated
  • Get clearance from your family doctor before returning to sport after concussion
Not again hockey

Managing Risk in Daily Life

Here are some tips to reducing your risk in everyday activities.

  • Wear seatbelts in vehicles
  • Use stair handrails
  • Limit drugs & alcohol
  • Be careful in bad weather
  • Use non-slip mats in the tub and on bathroom floors
Reducing risk of reinjury seatbelt

Taking Action!

If you don’t already own a properly fitting helmet for high-speed activity you engage in, consider making an action plan to purchase one.

Take action
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